Bahasa Indonesia = 9.00
Bahasa Inggris = 9.20
Matematika = 9.50
Fisika = 8.75
Kimia = 9.00
Biologi = 9.50
Total = 54.95
Rata-rata = 9.15

SHB 100 % lulus! THANKS GOD!
12IPA lulus dengan grade A! THANKS GOD!

kesan-pesan saya selama di SHB

Wow, we’re now arrived to our last 2010/2011 academic year. Among this
fastly passed year, many things had happened. The studying experiences, the happy-sad moments, and my ownmade events (MIRACLES, MUTASI, EINSTEIN) are all unforgettable. And Yeah, God is really good. I wanna thank Him for giving me such cool and also ‘weird’ friends. We’re using the time to study together as we’re wasting the time to play together too. Friends, I just wanna say eventhough we’re graduating and our lives will be different and new, but one thing will never ever change. As we go our separate ways, the friends we ’ve made in school will be our friends for all our days. So it’s not “a goodbye," but rather "a farewell” . Our friendship really means a lot to me and it will never end.
“Thank you” are just the two words I can say to Harapan Bangsa School which had given me such a wonderful time. Within my six years at Harapan Bangsa, I’ve got a lot of useful experiences. Not only educating stuffs such as math, science and others, but also I got my character built here. I was prepared to be a ‘real person’ who’s ready to go inside public society, to become worthy for other people, and lastly to get what we called by DREAMS. Dreaming is easy, ain’t it’s hard to achieve it. It’ll take a lot of work, time, and also persistence to achieve our dreams. But, just remember that you can only achieve the things you really want, if you believe. So, don ’t stop believing and keep figthing the future! God will always with the braves =)

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